Vergangenheit als Zukunft

The space provides the necessary mix of historicity and austerity. It is a reduced stage setup. The musicians are not in costume, the dancers appear in comfortable street clothes. Drama? Dance? Music? Ballet? Performance?
In Bachland Thuringia, the combination of Bach music and dance does not seem unusual. And yet one cannot escape the music and the moves, the movements of the young people and the music of the professional musicians from Nordhausen. They are unexcited, unpretentious. The lack of staging shifts the attention completely to the two elements of the evening, which is not exaggerated even in length. Musicians and dancers harmonize, seek communication, and through this also find a variety, a variance in the performance.
The cross-border cooperation between Thuringia and North Rhine-Westphalia, which is also a cross-disciplinary, cross-institutional and cross-generational cooperation, shows the strengths of new thinking even beyond the established boundaries.

Choreography/Dance: Solomon Quaynoo (Düsseldorf), Willie Stark (Düsseldorf), Rymon Zacharei (Düsseldorf) Cellists: Sebastian Hennemann (Nordhausen), Lidewij Faber (Nordhausen), Melissa Hart (Nordhausen) Music: Excerpts from Bach’s Cello Suites, Silly – Lost Children – in a composition by Amelie Dziemba for three cellos, dramaturgy/concept: Joachim Goldschmidt.

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