Safe & Sound

In “safe&sound”, six performers constitute an environment that continuously falls into and out of rhythm. Merging dance, gesture, voice, and objects, the performers immerse themselves in a percussive play of resisting and giving in to the pull of harmony, the wish to sync, and the temptation of ‘being in the groove’. Imagined cultures, estranged hymns, and echos of familiar worlds appear and dissolve. The theater gives place to a world that asks not to be explained or represented, but only revealed through space, time and energy. Through an exploration of rhythm elements as loops, polyrhythm, linear and cyclical time, the choreography gives form to questions of belonging, freedom, and collective decision making, asserting rhythm as a social and political tool.

“safe &sound” is a true ensemble piece, laying open the flat hierarchies that led to its creation – and at the same time a masterfully constructed space of possibilites where a group can emerge without having to dissolve individualites.In this time of isolation and bitter discussions about identity and power structures, this is as well a philosophical as an ethical statement.” 
(Frank Weigand, Journalist & Translator, THE ETHICS OF RHYTHM,

CHOREOGRAPHY & CONCEPT: Lee Méir / WITH: Cajsa Godée, Dessa Ganda, Eli Cohen, emeka ene, Marie-Lena Kaiser, Willie Stark / VOICE COACH & MUSICAL DRAMATURGY: Alessio Castellacci / DRAMATURGY: Lidy Mouw / LIGHT: Catalina Fernández / COSTUME COLLABORATION: Ruby Willson / STAGE ADVICE: Valentina Primavera / PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT: Annett Hardegen / CAMERA & EDITING OF “working on ‘safe&sound´”: Dalia Castel / CAMERA & EDITING “safe&sound”: Noam Gorbat, Mariel Baqueiro / SOUND RECORDING: Janis Klinkhammer (HAU) / SOUND MIXING: Christian Grothe

A Production by Lee Méir, co-produced by HAU Hebbel am Ufer, Berlin.                                                        With support from PACT Zollverein.    

Funded by the Capital Cultural Fund (Haupstadtkulturfonds). 

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