Crack Nerve Boogie Swerve

In Crack Nerve Boogie Swerve, Blake focuses on notions of transparency, resistance, resonance, and breaking in relation to norms, constraints and oppression. The meaning and act of breaking are explored using sound, the voice, and the body in an installation made of glass and steel. Glass as a material becomes a performer as well as a metaphor for the individual and collective body as both inherently fragile and strong, depending on the way it is handled or treated. It is constantly in an in-between state, shifting between visibility and invisibility, clarity and opaqueness.

The locally rooted crew consists of a percussionist, two sound artists and six performers from a variety of dance backgrounds—breakdance, hip hop, house, waving, Afro-fusion, contemporary, and ballet. They aim not to appropriate each other’s sonic and body language. Rather they use the glass as a tool to communicate, break patterns, and collectively give rise to a new vocabulary of sound and movement, albeit without losing their subjectivity.

Article about the performance – Read below Crack Nerve Boogie Swerve

Crack Nerve Boogie Swerve is part of the CTM 2023 opening weekend. SHOWS 27 to 29.01.2023

Alexis Blake – Crack Nerve Boogie Swerve, Performance at KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin 2023; Photo: Frank Sperling

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