Blossom ends & hearts

In this site specific performance piece there is a search for infinite inbetweens. Using improvised but loosely scored choreographic methods, both dancers and musicians look and listen for spaces in between sound and voice, between gesture and articulation, between rhythm and repetition. The space between skin and bones defines itself as flesh – a layer reduced to core and periphery. In fruits however, the flesh is a place for seeds to disperse. It is a space for growth and nourishment. The choreographer Lee Méir comes together in collaboration with the transdisciplinary artist Gretchen Blegen and the E-Mex Ensemble to create a space for seeding – a temporary stage for growth. 

Concept, Choreography: Lee Méir
Concept, Space, Lights: Gretchen Blegen
Musical Collaboration: E-Mex Ensemble
From and With: Eli Cohen, emeke ene, Dessa Ganda, Marie-Lena Kaiser, Lee Méir, Josephine Mühle, Cary Shiu, Willie Stark, Nir Vidan, E-Mex Ensemble
Collaborative Assistance: Eli Cohen
Costumes: Lee Méir, Saskia Schönmaker
Production: Saskia Schönmaker

PREMIÈRE 06 & 07.01.2023 Essen

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