The process of decision making in improvisation.

During this Recherche period, Willie Stark worked with improvisation framed into several dance techniques. From the perspective of focusing on the decision making, she placed my attention on the exchange of different scores and movement qualities in the dancing. For example, attending to the experience of speed, rhythms and levels in my body in a particular moment became a strategy for starting an improvisation.

What influences the decision making in the creative process ? What is the role of the external environment ? The use of music or objects. In this case, how is the work influenced ?
How do our personalities, beliefs and routines influences the research of the work ?
By working with concepts, scores and movements exercises, how do we deal with the challenges throughout the improvisation. Going in that direction, how can we stay objective and fully aware of my movements during improvisation ? When we make decisions, are we in charge ?

This work evolves from a series of decisions, as she combines dance steps and technics to convey a feeling, a concept, a movement or an idea.
She researched improvisation from a repertoire of possible movements, which made the dynamics of the artistic decision becomes even more complex.

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