Précieuses is an interdisciplinary work which focuses on colonialism, race and power structures deeply rooted in society. Willie Stark aligns movements in an open performance, by using Urban dances, several Contemporary technics and African steps, and a visual art installation as 2 visual formats for these topics. She is responding to political oppression and social marginalization through performance, material work and video documentary-based art.

Fresh, graceful and spirited, the work reflects on themes of post-colonialism, empowerment and sisterhood. It addresses alienation, racism, shame, reconciliation, and ways to cope, adapt, and confront these issues. The visual art installation presents BIPOC women’s togetherness, shared pathways and opportunities as a collective core. The performance addresses the power dynamics of this society and the life struggles of discriminated and marginalized people. 

Concept, Dance, Choreography: Willie Stark
Music Composition: Fallon Mayanja
Outside Eye, Dramaturgy: Marie Zoe
Production manager: Joachim Goldschmidt
Costume: Willie Stark

PREMIÈRE 16.12 & 17.12

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