In NIREUS, Willie Stark translates her observations of the blue swallowtail (a butterfly common in sub-Saharan Africa) into movement and music. Here, the butterfly exemplifies the geometry of transitioning movement into erratic fluttering patterns that is the central subject of the choreography. Central to this artistic approach is the idea of spatial design. Using improvisation, choreographic interpretation, music and sound, Willie Stark explores the coexistence of lines and curves in space. By exploring the rhythmic and colorful beat patterns of the butterfly, the performer creates a harmony between form and space against a toneless melody. This creates beautiful imagery embedded in soundscapes. Willie Stark is an acclaimed performer and performing artist whose focus, in this piece, is on urban dance and African dances.

Concept, Performance: Willie Stark; Music: Willie Stark und Christine M.; Costume: Jotjot Fashion; Outside eye: Dominique Breuer

PREMIÈRE Tanzhaus NRW, Now & Next October 2022

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