About me

I am Willie Stark, an interdisciplinary performing artist, dancer, choreographer and model. My main focus is on Urban dances (House dance & Hip Hop), African dances (from Ghana, Nigeria, Angola, Congo …) and some Contemporary dance techniques. 
Born and raised in Paris, France, I am currently based Germany since 2015. I work as a freelancer in dance projects, residencies, companies for Kampnagel Hamburg, Tanzhaus NRW, Pact Zolleverein, HAU Berlin … I am also teaching and coaching in different European countries, organising social projects and participated and won several battles and dance competitions.


Do I belong?

In a context where dance is a common social language for ritual, celebration, community and resistance, my work is known for my poetic, intimate ability to celebrate black beauty and explore daily life, racial stereotype and oppression. 

Improvisation is central key to my dance practice and making, both as a way of generating movement material in rehearsal and in performance. Through choreography and embodied practice, I develop expressive concepts that give form to movements, speech, music and thoughts. 
Dance has been a medium for me, being part of marginalized groups (BIPOC women) that are struggling to have a voice in the dominant culture, dance and performing arts are an attempt to criticize, voice, transform and adapt to hard life situations. Performance has helped me channel frustration through creativity.
I dance to express myself, to feel, to connect, to love, to denounce, to free my mind, myself … That energy that comes from within, from connecting movements and gestures, sound, bodies, music and object allows my mind to be free. 
Dancing is like having superpowers. The power to reach other humans, inspire, exchange and share. 

Let’s build something together.

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